“Having trained with and by Sedat, I can say that his technique, knowledge and communication are first class. He can teach it as he has done it”
World amateur Boxing Champion and Olympic Boxer Sedat Tasci

“Who says boxing is just for guys ? What a brilliant way to keep fit. I’m hooked!! Thanks to Sedat and North London Boxing Club for making me sweat” 
Denise Van Outen

“Boxing has not only improved my strength and fitness but also my confidence. I look better and feel better. I cant praise Sedat highly enough!. He is the sweetest, most dedicated and brilliantly skilled trainer. I am so lucky to know this place”
Karen Poole (Alisha’s Attic)

“Sedat seamlessly combines his relaxed nature with total commitment to training.  This is a rare talent. I cant recommend him highly enough”
World boxing silver medalist and WSB fighter Caner Sayak

“I’ve previously boxed in gyms in East and North London but I never found a place where I felt truly comfortable and able to develop to my boxing skills. A year ago a Google search led me to North London Boxing Club and I arranged a one-to-one session with Sedat. I haven’t looked back since.

Sedat is without doubt the best coach I have ever trained with. His friendly, positive approach made me feel welcome in the gym. With his guidance I have been able to take my boxing to new levels. He has helped me establish the fundamental skills needed to be a good boxer; correct stance, footwork and punching technique. With the fundamental skills established, Sedat is able to push me to the limit every time I train, using uplifting music and words of encouragement as we cover our routine of pad-work, heavy bag, shadow boxing and circuit training.

Training with Sedat as my coach has made a huge difference to my boxing. I am now faster,fitter and stronger than ever. I am confident in my own ability and I’m looking forward to competing in the ring soon.”
Robert Kazandjian (PE Teacher)

“Sedat is the only guy I would ever dream of doing boxing training with,out of all the keep fit things I’ve tried the hour you spend with Sedat achieves more than any other. The best way to keep fit and most fun.”
Ally McErlaine(The guitarist of Texas)

“I have been doing 1 to 1 boxing sessions with Sedat for on and off now for over a year. His experience in boxing is the key here .This is the real deal. The atmosphere at his club is very positive and focused with a good mix between beginners and  experts, both male and female all very laid back and the music is good too…  His new club is a special trip for me as I live in Highgate. It would easier to go elsewhere but it’s worth it and rewarding.   His sessions strike a unique balance between fitness training, technical aspects and finer details of boxing which is natural due to extensive experience in the ring. In fact taking it all in is always a challenge in itself.  Finally,  he’s flexible on appointments, which frankly is a breath of fresh air ! You really couldn’t meet a nicer guy ….well, unless you catch him when sparing, then run for your life!!!!!”
Diego Cayubi

World amateur boxing champion Sedat Tasci

Denise Van Outen training at North London Boxing Club

Silver medalist and friend of North London Boxing club, Caner Sayak