If you don’t find the questions or answers you need here, feel free to call us on 07947426099


Q: How do I sign up?

A: You can simply arrive at the gym and pay for your session there and then. Alternatively you can call 07947426099 if you would like to make a bank transfer.


Q: What clothing and equipment do I need to participate in the classes?

A:  Both men and women should wear loose clothing, preferably shorts, t-shirt and trainers. Vests and jogging bottoms are also fine. You will need a pair of hand wraps, which are available for sale at the gym. All the equipment you will need, including gloves and head guards, are provided for free by the gym (we suggest you purchase your own pair of gloves from us if you intend to train regularly and for hygiene purposes). NB: if you have long hair, you should wear a hair band or tie your hair up during the classes. This is because, once you have your boxing gloves on, it’s very difficult to push your hair out of your eyes!


Q: Can I buy boxing equipment from the gym?

A: Yes. All boxing equipment is on sale at the gym.


Q: Do I need to be fit to join the classes?

A: No. It is our job to get you fit; you do not need to be fit before you join them. The classes are circuit-based and everyone works at their own pace (no exercise is mandatory). Our aim is to build up your fitness gradually. All we ask is that you do your best in each class. The more you push yourself, the more you should be able to do next time.


Q: Will I lose weight and tone up?

A: Yes. Our classes are designed so that you will start seeing improvements in your physical appearance in a matter of weeks. But you must come regularly.


Q: I have never done any boxing before.  Can I still attend the classes?

A: Yes. All the classes are as accessible to the beginner as they are to experienced boxers. We recommend you arrive 15-20 minutes early for your first class in order to be given a brief introduction by our trainers.


Q: Do you offer beginner classes?

A: No, not at the moment because our trainers ensure that beginners integrate smoothly into our classes and are given all the attention and guidance required.


Q: I don’t like the idea of getting hit.  Do I have to spar?

A: No. Sparring is optional; many of our members choose not to spar. There is no pressure on anyone to enter the ring. Sparring in the gym is always supervised and you can choose between head and body sparring.


 Q: How much is each class?

A: For information about our fees, please see our Times & Prices page.


Q: Which payment package would work best for me?

A: If you intend to train more than once a week, we suggest a monthly package but if you only plan on training once a week then pay as you go works best.


 Q: Can I get private one to one boxing lessons?

A: Yes. Private one-to-one training can be arranged for mutually agreeable times with one of our experienced instructors. Please contact us for further details.


Q: Can I train to box competitively?

A: Yes. Whether you are an amateur, professional or white-collar boxer – we can help you achieve your goals.


Q: How do I get there and is there somewhere I can park?

A: Please see the location on map. The gym is directly above the Station Parade entrance of Southgate tube station. Local parking is free after 6.30 PM in the week and on Sundays. Southgate Asda offers 3 free hours of parking.


Q: What sort of people come to the club?

A: A broad range. Our clients are an excellent blend of young and old, male and female, beginners and experienced boxers. Our policy is one of inclusion: everyone is welcome here and we encourage a strong communal ethos during our sessions.


Q: What facilities do you have at the gym?

A: We offer our clients changing rooms with showers and lockers. We have free weights, bikes and treadmills to supplement your boxing training. Our gym is complete with all traditional boxing equipment from the ring to heavy bags.


Q: I want to box. Should I start with classes or personal training?

A: It is entirely up to you. Both classes and personal training will allow you to learn the fundamentals of boxing but of course personal training speeds up that process.