North London Boxing Classes

What makes our classes stand out?

Our classes have been specially designed by our experienced trainers to maximise your boxing fitness and boxing potential. The classes creatively combine traditional boxing exercises, such as punch-bag drills and sparring, with modern circuit training, thereby giving you a complete and powerful workout. Moreover, the classes cater for persons of all ages, genders and abilities, making them the ideal choice if you simply want to get fit and lose weight or if you have ambitions to compete in the ring.

During our classes, our experienced trainers supervise your workout and will help you with any difficulties. Our ethos is that each class participant is given the same level of attention; there are no favourites at North London Boxing Club. Whatever your level of skill or fitness, and however long you have been attending the classes, you can be assured that you will get the help and support you need to take your fitness and boxing technique to another level.

How our classes work

The classes run for approximately 90 minutes. If it’s your first time of attending, we recommend that you arrive about 15 minutes before your class is scheduled to start so we can help you put on your hand wraps and show you around the gym. Our classes have three parts: We begin with warm up exercises and stretching. This is essential so that you don’t injure yourself during training. The warm up exercises are done both as a group and in pairs, so you will get plenty of encouragement from your trainer and fellow class participants.

Next up is our unique circuit-training program. This forms the mainstay of our classes. Circuit training at NLBC blends traditional boxing exercises, such as sparring, shadow boxing, skipping and punch-bag drills, with orthodox circuit-training exercises. Each exercise has a number from 1-10. Before the circuit-training commences, you will be split into pairs and given a number, which will be the exercise with which you both will start. The aim is to work through all the numbered exercises with your partner in a sequential fashion until you get back to the number with which you both started.

Having worked hard during the circuit training, you will then join up with the rest of the group as we finish the class with our ‘cardio blast’. The cardio blast has been specifically designed by our trainers to target those areas that are often neglected: lats, obliques, thighs, etc, while also improving your stamina and overall fitness. You will do bodyweight exercises (press ups, etc), before finishing with a warm down and stretch.