East London Boxing Club

East London Boxing Club offers the best boxing training classes in East London

East London Boxing Club is in Walthamstow and the boxing gym is 8min. walk from Black Horse Road Tube Station and just next to St James Street Station.

We are offering boxing classes for all ages and no experience needed.

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Personal Training

East London Boxing Club personal training is designed by the best boxing trainer to help you for your fitness and boxing goals. You can do our personal training session either for fitness, get fit, stronger or to be a professional boxer in the future…


90 min. classes will give you the best workout to make sure you get close to your goals and enjoy it in a friendly environment. If you are bored of the normal gyms and trying to find something new, why not coming and visiting us at East London based boxing gym…


Visit our testimonials page to see what the celebrities say about us. Boxing training is getting popular and it’s your time to take a part now…


As there are no many boxing clubs in East London, we have decided to establish the gym. Your local boxing gym is in Walthamstow and not too far from Black Horse Road Tube Station and just next to The St James Street Railway Station…

25A St James Street, Walthamstow, London, E17 7PJ


Any questions, you can check our FAQ page, otherwise of course you can still contact and ask us on 07947426099 or emailing info@eastlondonboxing.co.uk …